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Application and structural design of wye pipe fittings
Nov 14, 2018

wye pipe fittings usually have good versatility and are usually based on the requirements of their application to determine the structural form of the product. The structural design of the wye pipe fittings is usually first to determine the optimal structural section size, determine the maximum diameter-to-thickness ratio that satisfies the local stability according to the steel used, and determine the critical diameter of the structural trunk according to the structural height.


The second is to determine the optimal structural arrangement of the wye pipe fittings. Usually, the bearing capacity per unit mass is determined according to its parameters such as the span ratio. Then determine the optimal structural form, which is generally analyzed in combination with load conditions and safety factor requirements to ensure that the bearing capacity requirements of the applied structure can be met.


In practical engineering, in order to meet the actual application requirements, the current structural design for wye pipe fittings is usually based on the same engineering experience, and the optimal structural dimensions and design are designed on the premise of meeting the actual functional requirements. Arrangement to ensure that product performance is fully utilized.

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