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Analysis of the running process of pneumatic stretching machine
Jan 29, 2019

During the operation of the pneumatic stretching machine, the mesh clamp is moved by means of the cylinder piston, and a uniform tensile force is generated to the screen. According to the size of the stretch net, different numbers of net clamps can be respectively arranged. Generally, the air pressure of the pneumatic stretch net machine can be adjusted within a certain range, and the multi-clamp head can adopt the two-way pneumatic control and the one-way pneumatic control form.


In actual operation, it should be noted that the pneumatic stretching machine is placed stably, and the platform area is required to be the size of the largest size mesh frame and the mesh chuck group that can be used. The main distributor of the gas distribution device is placed in the middle of the lower side of the platform, and the four branch distributors are placed on the lower sides of the platform. The air source control section is mounted on the side of the platform. When using, first determine the number of pull chucks and the length of the clamping jaws according to the size of the frame.


Next, place the frame of the pneumatic stretching machine on the frame support screw, and keep the height of the clamp wire at the same level. Adjust the jaw fixing screw to maximize the clamping force of the jaws, lift the handlebar up, open the jaws, put the screen into the leveling, close the jaws to adjust the compressed air pressure, and pull the manual valve to the stretch position. You can then stretch the

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