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Analysis of Structural Design Principles of Bottom vibrating discharger
Jan 24, 2019

The Bottom vibrating discharger belongs to the category of grain machinery. It is mainly composed of two separate parts. The machine is mainly to solve the problem that the viscous material is difficult to cut in the arching of the warehouse, which can ensure the smooth flow of materials and achieve advanced The principle of first coming out. At the same time, the length of the silo is shortened, and the problem that the transition section caused by the large feed angle is too long and takes up a large space is solved.


The upper part of the Bottom vibrating discharger is a fixed frame fixed to the bottom of the silo, and the lower part is a vibration activating component, which is mainly composed of a vibration motor, an activator and a lower hopper. The vibration activating component is suspended on the fixing frame by the hanging rod, and the lifting rod has a certain amount of expansion and contraction, and is a vibration discharging and unloading device with strong breaking force and good sealing property.


During the operation of the Bottom vibrating discharger, the material in the silo is affected by the pressure and the force between the material particles. In view of this problem, the conventional gravity swing unloader is usually used to change the conventional gravity self-slip material into forced vibration discharge, so that the fluidity of the bottom material in the warehouse is enhanced, thereby allowing the material to be discharged uniformly and

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