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Advantages of manual two way valve
Jan 13, 2018

Combined with the structural characteristics of the manual two way valve to analyze, but also to determine the product has many advantages. First of all, the product has an adaptive function, simply speaking, in fact, is under the action of the medium, the manual two-way valve spool and seat center in different state of mind can still achieve the center and coincidence seal.

Secondly, in actual use, either open or closed, due to the structural characteristics of the manual bi-directional valve will not be subject to friction. Eccentric rotation from the ball to the principle of analysis, in the process of opening, the ball left the seat for an instant, close the ball when the valve coincide with the moment, so there will be no friction.

Third, the manual two-way valve also has the advantage of long life. This is because the sealing surface of the valve plug and the sealing surface of the valve seat are made of metal. In other words, in the selection of materials, greatly guarantee its durability, so as to adapt to different conditions, access to ultra-high life.

Fourth, the manual two way valve can also be well adapted to some of the more harsh working conditions. This is because the product does not exist in the rubber, plastic and other parts temperature is limited. So to meet the different temperature conditions, and even can be used in some corrosive media, which makes its application more widely.

Not only that, the manual two way valve can even be applied to some solid-liquid two-phase or solid-liquid gas three-phase exist in the same medium, but also in sub-solid state fluid medium use. At the same time also has adjustable caliber, a large proportion of the advantages.

In comparison, the manual two-way valve occupies less space, but also its own weight, so when the installation and operation are more convenient. In addition, manual two-way valve opening and closing the corner does not exceed 90 °, which has a short stroke opening and closing, quick opening and closing advantages.

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