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Advantages of Connect Spannring and installation technology
Dec 30, 2017

The Connect Spannring is a connection to a grooved tube, a valve, and a pipe fitting. The tube is usually provided with two gaskets, rubber, silicone and PTFE. Its good performance, high degree of sealing, easy installation.

Connect Spannring shape handsome, strong binding strength, good sealing performance, easy to use, etc., can be effectively used in the nylon plastic hose, cloth hose, general hose and hose and other interfaces at the tight connection Solid and sealed.

Connect Spannring in the production process of its main materials are carbon spring steel wire, stainless steel spring wire, phosphor bronze spring wire, etc., in the process of operation of its trench pipe connection operation is very simple and requires no specialization Skills, ordinary workers can be simple training to operate.

pipe clamp.jpg

It has been effective in pipe clamp to efficiently dissolve a large number of its fine technical parts into finished products in an industrialized manner. A tube connection only takes a few minutes, to maximize the technical difficulty of field operations to simplify and save working hours, which also stabilize the quality of the project, improve work efficiency. This is also the general direction of the development of installation technology.

Due to the trench pipe fittings in the card tube, the required space for operation at the site is small, and the installation of the right corner by the wall can be realized. The operation difficulty is greatly reduced, thereby saving the floor space and beautifying the installation effect of the pipeline.

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