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Advantages and working principle of Automatic Two-way Valve
Jan 23, 2019

As a kind of reversing valve, in practical applications, the Automatic Two-way Valve also uses the relative movement between the valve core and the valve body to change the on-off relationship of the oil passage connected to the valve body. It has the advantages of accurate action, high degree of automation, stable and reliable work, but it needs to be equipped with a drive and cooling system, and the structure is more complicated.


In the petroleum, chemical, mining and metallurgical industries, Automatic Two-way Valves are an important fluid reversing tool. The valve can control the reversal and start-stop of the fluid by changing the relative position of the sealing assembly in the valve body in the pipeline to connect or disconnect the various passages of the valve body.


In fact, a Automatic Two-way Valve can be seen as a combination valve consisting of two or more reversing valves. Combined with different working conditions, it is also possible to combine auxiliary valves such as safety relief valves, check valves and charge valves. Compared with other types of valves, the Automatic Two-way Valve has the advantages of compact structure and small pressure loss, small movement resistance of the sliding valve, multiple functions, long service life and simple

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