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Adjustable elbow joint features and applications
Jan 16, 2018

Due to the angle of the pipe corner, the angles are different from each other, so it needs to be determined according to the site construction. In the past, when the two pipes were installed, the ends of the two surface tubes were fixed together by welding. However, this method has many drawbacks, so now it has been replaced by the use of adjustable elbow.
On the other hand, the welding will destroy the surface material of the surface pipe and affect the corrosion resistance of the surface pipe, meanwhile, it is not beautiful after welding. Adjustable elbow in this case can come in handy.
This adjustable elbow joint is mainly composed of the left pipe head, the right pipe head, the left pipe body, the connecting disc, the right pipe body, the spherical head and other components, which are uniquely matched together, So that the left and right pipe heads in the adjustable elbow joint can rotate relative to each other with the lock bolt as the center.
Compared to other structural components with the same function, the adjustable elbow not only has the advantages of simple structure and ingenious design, but also has the advantages of convenient processing and low manufacturing cost, can be used for installation of the pipe at any angle, does not need welding, and is elegant and fully reflects Its value.
adjustable elbow joint and pipe connections, according to the actual requirements of the flexible adjustment of the installation angle, without the need for other parts or processes, greatly simplifying the piping system installation process. With it, you can meet any type of pipe installation system.

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