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Adjustable elbow joint construction technology preparation and material preparation
Mar 14, 2018

In order to ensure that the adjustable elbow joint is well installed, it is important to make technical preparation and material preparation before construction. In the technical preparation, the main contents include: familiar with and review the design drawings and related materials; investigation and analysis of the construction of the original data; reasonable planning of the construction plan, determine the construction scope and quality standards, and to develop adjustable elbow construction period.


In addition, the budget and construction budget for construction drawings should be calculated in advance. The next step is to prepare materials. The first thing to check is to confirm that the materials and equipment such as the adjustable elbow are qualified and ready for delivery. Remember that all materials should be accepted when entering the market. The packaging should be in good condition, with no scratches on the surface of the material and external impact damage. Unqualified materials may not be put into storage. Warehousing of qualified materials for storage shall be classified and stacked.


The materials, specifications, models, and quality of pipe components, adjustable elbows and pipe supports shall conform to the provisions of the design documents, and the appearance inspection shall be conducted in accordance with the current national standards. Those who are unqualified shall not use them. In addition, effective measures should be taken to prevent damage or corrosion during transportation, storage and construction.


In addition, the adjustable elbow joint and other pipe components and pipe supports shall be properly kept during construction and shall not be confused or damaged. The color mark or mark shall be clearly visible. The material consists of stainless steel, non-ferrous metal pipe components and pipe supports, which must not come into contact with carbon steel during storage. Tubes that cannot be temporarily installed should be closed.


In short, before the construction of adjustable elbows, not only do these preparations, but also need to arrange the relevant tools and equipment in place to ensure that they can meet the technical requirements and progress requirements of adjustable elbow

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